Investing in technology, (AI), (IoT) is a big race between countries with potential and impact in every aspect of everyone’s life. Launching the first 5G phone in Vietnam, manufacturing breathing machines, or creating smart cities, Vingroup shows that the “sweet fruits” of Vietnamese intelligence are not inferior to the world when they invest in technology.
Artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) – two great technologies that help people improve and simplify their lives while bringing huge benefits and absolute competitive advantages for countries. These two technologies are gradually appearing in all fields, helping to bring new conveniences in life such as smart apartments, diagnostic robots …

AI helps to increase efficiency, creating opportunities to promote economic growth. Vietnam has many favorable conditions for a breakthrough in this field. ” The Government has determined that artificial intelligence is a high technology that needs to prioritize investment and development since 2014.

There are more and more programs to support the development of AI technology, and many Vietnamese enterprises apply AI in their projects, business activities.